The Hop

Project: The Hop
Client: Blackpool Council
Location: Blackpool
Sector: Healthcare
Services: Project Management and Contract Administrator
Scale: 13 Surgery Dentist
Programme: Completion Q3 2022

As part of the King Street Office development, there is a requirement to construct a new 13 surgery dental practice to facilitate the demolition of the existing dentist premises on the site of the new building.

The historic Public House, the Hop, is being transformed into a bespoke dentist to accommodate 13 surgeries, and future flexibility of an additional 2 surgery spaces.

The conversion works are currently on site, which are due for completion August 2022.

A key challenge with the development is the complexity surrounding the façade retention and the requirement to tie in new floor levels around the existing window levels.

The project includes the demolition of existing historic structures, the removal of asbestos and disconnection of services.

The façade is locally listed which introduces complexities in the development of proposals for retention and renovation.



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